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Micro depots - a contribution to the transport revolution

There is a broad consensus that a transport turnaround is needed - better today than tomorrow. Especially in the big cities, there is a lot of pressure to change transport processes for the benefit of the environment and people. This does not only apply to passenger transport - i.e. the routes to work, home or to the nearest shop. Many things also have to change in commercial transport in order to enable a city-compatible and future-oriented supply of goods and services.

In the field of city logistics, there have been numerous approaches for many years that are being and have been tested in several cities around the world - often with promising results. Two essential elements are 1. alternative vehicles and vehicle drives and 2. micro-depots (also micro-hubs). It is precisely in the combination of both options that promising concepts can emerge, for example when the last mile from a micro-depot is covered by a cargo bike. How these concepts prove themselves and where suitable locations are, for example, are an important knowledge base for municipal and private-sector action. I am devoting myself to these topics in a project for the capital.

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Current statistics

At this point I will present you with changing statistics, for example in connection with current projects. Increasingly, interactive forms of data and information transfer will be used, which can serve as a basis for planning and decision-making. For this purpose I mainly use Tableau®.

I would also be happy to prepare data for your project and presentation in a clear and concise manner.

Note: The interactive graphics are optimized for desktop PC and laptop screens and will not be displayed on small screens (smartphones), for best experience I recommend viewing on a PC screen.

Bicycle speeds

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Here you will find previous figures of the month and statistics.

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Figures of the month

There are planning areas in Berlin
0 EW
lived on 30.06.2019 in the 40 „smallest“ planning areas
0 EW
lived alone in „largest“ planning area, Pankow center
Source: Office for Statistics Berlin-Brandenburg
Values are partly rounded
Residents*innn were registered in Berlin on 31.12.2018.
Persons more than 2017
0 %
the proportion of foreigners in the population* at the end of 2018.
Source: Berlin-Brandenburg Office of Statistics
General practitioners and paediatricians work in Berlin in their own practice or as salaried employees.
0 %
was the level of care with family doctors in Berlin on 01.07.2017.
Patients are treated by a Berlin family doctor on average per day in Berlin, 2015.
Number of doctors: Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Berlin;
Supply level: Joint State Committee for Berlin; Update
Number of patients: Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Berlin;
Values are partly rounded
0 m.
Chocolate Santa Clauses were produced in Germany in 2017.
0 ha
Cultivated land was used for Christmas tree cultivation in Germany in 2018.
The average Christmas bonus (gross) will be paid to employees covered by collective bargaining agreements in Germany in 2018.
Chocolate Santa Clauses: BDSI – Federal Association of the German Confectionery Industry e.V: Info graphic
Federal Statistical Office (Destatis): Subject-matter series 3 Series 3.1.2
Christmasmoney: Federal Statistical Office (Destatis): Press release
Values are partly rounded
0 EW
lived at the end of the 3rd quarter 2017 in the district of Dahme-Spreewald (LDS).
0 km²
The LDS.
was the gross domestic product in current prices per inhabitant in 2016 in the LDS.
Inhabitants: Berlin-Brandenburg Office for Statistics, Statistical report A I 1 - vj 3 / 17, p. 7
Area: District of Dahme-Spreewald, Figures – Dates – Facts
BIP: Berlin-Brandenburg Office for Statistics, Statistical report P I 5 – j / 16, p. 14
Values are rounded
0 %
private German households were equipped with at least one bicycle in 2017.
0 %
of the population uses the bicycle at least once within a week.
0 %
of persons aged 14 and over used rent/hire bicycles on a medium working day in 2013.
Household equipment: Current economic account (LWR) of the Federal Statistical Office
Frequency of use: Mobility Panel (MOP), Report 2016/2017, p. 89 – relating to the period 2013-2016
0 Car
were registered on 01.01.2017 in Dtschl. as purely electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle.
0 %
of German citizens can imagine buying an electric car.
0 m.
According to an OECD study, electric cars will be in stock worldwide in 2040.
Vehicle stock: KBA
Interest in buying: bitkom-study 2017
Stock forecast: OECD (2017), „Stock of electric cars by region, 2015 to 2040: IEA New Policy Scenario, million vehicles“, in sectoral outlookOECD Publishing, Paris,, p. 14
0 m.
Trucks were registered in Germany on 01.01.2017
0 %
of motorised urban transport is to be allocated to commercial transport
0 %
of urban nitrogen oxides (NO2) caused by traffic comes from light and heavy duty vehicles
Vehicle stock: KBA/ZFZR
Share of commercial transport (based on volume/number of trips): SenUVK (2003) Urban Development Plan Transport "Mobil 2010", p. 32.
Nitrogen oxides: UBA/TREMOD 5.64/HBEFA 3.3)
Knowledge-based planning in the field of commercial transport is particularly challenging due to the limited availability of robust data, and in this field too, new data sources need to be found and innovative ways of obtaining information need to be explored.
0 m.
Nights spent in EU tourist accommodation establishments in 2017
0 m.
Overnight stays in German tourist accommodation establishments in 2017
0 %
more overnight stays in German accommodation establishments than in 2016
The number of nights includes nights spent by residents and non-residents on both business and holiday trips, and is partly based on estimates based on available data.
Source: Eurostat 2018 (Press release)
0 million tons
Quantity transported in 2016 in Dtschl. were handled by combined transport
0 million TEU
were transported in 2016 in Dtschl. by rail
0 million TEU
were transported in 2016 in Dtschl. by barge
The data is on total traffic, i.e. including traffic from and to foreign countries as well as transit traffic.
TEU = Twenty-foot equivalent unit (20-foot unit; container of approx. 6 m length)
Source: destatis 2017 (professional series 8)

interactive statistics

DataViz on the topic Family doctor care

The methodological details and notes on source work can be found here.