There are planning areas in Berlin
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lived on 30.06.2019 in the 40 „smallest“ planning areas
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lived alone in „largest“ planning area, Pankow center
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Knowledge meets planning

Why knowledge-based planning

In many fields of work in strategic and spatial planning, valid, reliable and transparent data is needed on a regular basis. The following thoughts illustrate how closely knowledge and planning are intertwined and how important and helpful data analysis is for your daily work:

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Knowledge-based planning for your project

None of your projects will succeed without a thorough analysis of available data, and the information and knowledge that can be gained from official, non-official, small and big data sources forms the basis for robust and promising spatial planning and decision-making.

My offer

I will support you in the necessary steps towards knowledge-based planning. With my experience, proven methods and new approaches, we will first examine, supplement and specify your questions and your goals together. Then I will advise you and / or contribute myself:

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