Study on the potential and effects of micro-depositories in the state of Berlin

Project description

With the study Potentials and effects of micro-depositories in the state of Berlin a sound basis is created for strategically sensible action by the Land of Berlin with regard to micro depots as consolidation points close to the city centre. Micro-depots open up the possibility of being able to serve the last or first mile with cargo bikes or other locally emission-free vehicles. They thus help to provide a locally climate-friendly, efficient and city-friendly logistics solution.

Within the framework of this study, all necessary information for a generally valid impact analysis will be collected and processed. Based on this data, the effects of micro-depositories in Berlin will be evaluated for selected areas of impact (economic, ecological and social). Different locations and concepts of micro-depositories will be taken into account.

The conclusions drawn from this study are intended to facilitate an objective evaluation of micro-deposits, thereby highlighting the opportunities and challenges of individual micro-deposit approaches. The study also makes it possible to answer practical questions. Thus, it will be worked out at which locations micro-depots are particularly effective and where in Berlin micro-depots are most likely to be used in the sense of the transport turnaround.

Together and in division of labor with LNC and I process for the client mainly:

  • the definition of the impact areas and indicators
  • the potential and impact analysis
  • in particular the data acquisition and analysis as well as the visualization of results as a basis for the determination of micro-depot locations.
(Note: The project descriptions modified by me and presented here have been created jointly by the respective project participants)

Further information

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Funding reference

The project "Study on the potentials and effects of micro-depositories in the Land of Berlin" (project duration: 12/2021 to 03/2023) is funded by the Berlin Programme for Sustainable Development (BENE) with resources from the European Regional Development Fund and the Land of Berlin (funding code 1340-B5-0).


December 2021 – January 2023


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