Comparison of the new with the old LOR


Compare the cuts of the Life-world oriented spaces (LOR) before and after the rezoning. Since 01.01.2021, the updated boundaries of the LOR apply in Berlin, which with their three levels represent an important planning basis for Berlin. I have described the new boundaries in a Project accompanied.

The map shown below is an interactive variant of a before-and-after comparison and can complement static maps, for example for daily work and/or external communication.


The white bar in the middle separates the old state (left = before) from the new cut (right = after). Both sections of the image complement each other to form a complete map. Zoom and pan as usual, and wipe (swipe) the mouse left and right on the map to move the Before and After to compare with each other.

You can conveniently enter your neighbourhood, street or district via the search field.

Click on the image for an animated preview.