National Country Sheets for ReMuNet project


Entwurf und Entwicklung von "nationalen Datenblättern" für den intermodalen Verkehr Projektbeschreibung Das Projekt ReMuNet - Resilient Multimodal freight transport Network - ist eines von der EU kofinanziertes Projekts im Rahmen des Programms Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Actions. Es identifiziert und meldet Störfälle und bewertet deren Auswirkungen [...]

Urban Freight Rail Development Tool


UrbFRail - Support for the development of the Urban Freight Rail Development Tool Project description The Interreg project UrbFRail is a cooperation project between the Senate Department for Mobility, Transport, Climate Protection and the Environment as project lead partner and partners from Poland and Sweden for the reactivation of inner-city freight stations. The Interreg Smal Scale Project [...]

KV-Stat Feasibility Study


Feasibility study for the development of a statistics platform for combined transport - KV-Stat Project description Combined transport (CT) is seen as a great hope for the transport turnaround. Up to now, freight transport has only contributed insufficiently to this, which is also due to missing or outdated and thus not very reliable statistics for CT. Many [...]

Customer potential for conference hotel


Customer potential for martas Hotel Lutherstadt Wittenberg Project description martas | Hotel & Gästehäuser would like to optimise the conference and event business of its hotel in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. An important step for this is a targeted, resource-efficient and promising approach to potential customers or target groups. In addition to the hotel's own data, further data and information [...]

KV Dashboard


Dashboard creation: Figures on combined transport - interactive Project description The SGKV (Studiengesellschaft für den Kombinierten Verkehr e.V.) has been offering "Facts and Figures" on its homepage for many years; an information brochure with numerous data-based illustrations relating to combined transport. The product was previously only available as a PDF file for download [...]

Guideline for delivery and loading areas in Berlin


Guidelines for delivery and loading areas in Berlin Project description In order for commercial traffic on the streets to make its indispensable contribution to the functioning of the city, while at the same time ensuring that deliveries and loading are carried out efficiently, quickly and safely, adequate areas are necessary. At present, the supply of appropriate spaces for delivery [...]

Large and heavy haulage in Berlin


Large and heavy goods transport in Berlin - basic development for a target network Project description Large and heavy goods transport (GST) is an indispensable part of urban developments and functioning economies. For many companies, GST are an integral part of corporate value creation. The goods that require GST are mostly transported by road. The goods supply e.g. [...]

Housing Market Monitoring Hamburg Metropolitan Region


Feasibility study Monitoring supply and demand of the regional housing market in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region Project description The Hamburg Metropolitan Region, which consists of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and parts of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, is examining the feasibility of a regional housing market monitoring. A coordinated housing market monitoring makes spatial structures, spatial processes and housing needs transparent. It [...]

Micro-Depots Berlin


Study on the potentials and effects of micro-depots in the Land of Berlin Project description The study Potentials and Effects of Micro-Depots in the Land of Berlin creates a sound basis for strategically sensible action by the Land of Berlin with regard to micro-depots as consolidation points close to the city centre. Micro-depots open up the possibility of [...]

Small-scale housing completions


Development of a methodology for GIS-based monitoring of annual small-scale housing completions in the state of Berlin Project description The strong population growth in Berlin in the 2010s has led to a high demand for housing. Numerous measures have caused private and public developers to carry out, plan and prepare a large number of construction projects. [...]

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