Guideline for delivery and loading areas in Berlin

Project description

In order for commercial traffic on the streets to make its indispensable contribution to the functioning of the city, while at the same time ensuring that deliveries and loading take place efficiently, quickly and safely, adequate space is needed. Currently, the supply of appropriate spaces for delivery and loading traffic is insufficient - and existing spaces are regularly misused, for example by people parking illegally. Appropriate, well-designed and reliably kept free spaces can reduce conflicts in the street space. This benefits not only the business community and its customers, but also the users of environmentally compatible means of transport, especially bus and bicycle traffic.

The "Guideline for Delivery and Loading Areas in Berlin" is intended to give stakeholders in Berlin and its districts advice on how to create a space-saving, efficient and safe supply of areas for delivery and loading. It is intended to show how areas can be designed and designated and how effective control and monitoring of the areas can be achieved. The guideline provides support for the planning and implementing authorities in Berlin and the Berlin districts in dealing with the required areas. A street- and area-typical demand is derived on the basis of spatial-structural and other characteristics.

Project focus of knowledge-based planning

In order to facilitate the use of delivery and loading areas for commercial actors and to provide a suitable basis for the planning administrative units, a digital provision of suitable information is desirable. Different solutions or approaches are conceivable in order to meet the requirements of different user groups. Within the framework of this project, a basis for further steps towards the digital provision of information is to be created.

As a subcontractor for LNC, I work on the following contents in close coordination with the client and the other project partners:

  • Research and systematised collection and presentation of national and international data platforms offering information on delivery and loading areas
  • Evaluation of existing Berlin database and visualisation systems with regard to delivery and loading traffic areas
  • Possibilities of recording, displaying and data maintenance of delivery and loading traffic areas
(Note: The project descriptions modified by me and presented here have been created jointly by the respective project participants)

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November 2022 - October 2023


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