Statistical methods and data collection in connection with intermodal transport

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The ReMuNet project - Resilient Multimodal freight transport Network - is a project co-funded by the EU as part of the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Actions programme. It identifies and reports incidents and assesses their impact on multimodal transport corridors. ReMuNet Coordinates route usage, suggests transhipment points and optimises capacity allocation to minimise damage and reduce recovery time.

My client, the UIRRis a partner of the ReMuNet project. The UIRR must develop a standardised framework to describe the European intermodal transport networks and carry out studies and surveys among CT stakeholders to identify the relevant market requirements.

Together with the SGKV I support the UIRR in parts of its project tasks as a subcontractor. In close coordination with the UIRR and in division of labour with the SGKV, I am developing a better understanding of the current statistical methods and data collection proposed by authorities and industry associations in connection with the development of intermodal transport. In the project, I analyse collection methods, data and metadata from Eurostat, statistical authorities of five EU countries and several (international) associations. The result is an overview of the legal framework for data collection in freight transport and a list and description of the methods used by the actors analysed. The result is a comparative analysis and a gap analysis, which leads to recommendations on possible steps to improve statistics on intermodal freight transport.

The project language is English.

Note: The project description was created together with the client and project partner and has been slightly modified by me for this article.

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April 2024 until June 2024


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