Project description

The study for a cross-thematic and cross-national axis development concept in the "North-Eastern Region" of Berlin and the surrounding area of Berlin deals with the Wandlitz settlement axis, which is part of Settlement star according to the State Development Plan for the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg (LEP HR) The axis comprises parts of the municipality of Wandlitz and the district of Pankow.

The Wandlitz axis thus represents a focal point for the development of housing estates, within which the development of housing estates beyond local needs is possible.

According to the LEP HR, which came into force on 01.07.2019, the municipalities have great scope for internal differentiation of the design space settlement, especially with regard to housing construction. In fact, the municipality of Wandlitz is already currently characterised by strong immigration from Berlin. The players along the settlement axis also have to cope with the associated challenges (infrastructure development, securing affordable housing). To this end, a ta cross-cutting and transnational axis development concept has been drawn up.

The preliminary study described here is an important building block for an integrated municipal development concept that will follow at a later stage. With a well-founded analysis and efficient participation, we will help to ensure that further planning steps are marked by success.

Within the project I work, in close coordination and division of labour with the project partners, in all service modules. this includes data research and data preparation for numerous indicators for the status quo analysis, especially on the topics of economy, retail trade and mobility. besides desktop research, GIS and the use of alternative (online) data sources are also used. I also accompany and work on the participation processes with the regional actors in workshops and support the development of first recommendations for action.

(Note: The project descriptions modified by me and presented here have been created jointly by the respective project participants)

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August 2019 – June 2020


Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Planning

Joint State Planning Department

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