Customer potential for martas Hotel Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Project description

martas | Hotel & Gästehäuser would like to expand the conference and event business of its Hotels in Lutherstadt Wittenberg optimisation. An important step in this direction is a targeted, resource-efficient and promising approach to potential customers and target groups. In addition to in-house data, further data and information should improve the acquisition processes. The focus is therefore on identifying stakeholders and their contact details so that targeted marketing can take place.

For the identification of potential actors (such as companies, associations, administrative units, etc.), martas | Hotels & Guesthouses relies on knowledge-based planning. Within the framework of the project

  • I determine accessibility,
  • limit target groups and
  • and segment addresses.

For this purpose, I compile a wide variety of data in GIS and Tableau, create descriptive maps and generate customer-oriented overviews of customer potential that can be used for marketing and acquisition activities.

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July until September 2023

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