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knowledge-based planning and mobile data belong together closely. mobile data play a decisive role in more and more areas of life when it comes to planning. private and municipal actors use this big data for their analyses and strategic decisions, for example in the retail sector, in the mobility sector and increasingly also in tourism. motionlogic GmbH is a provider of mobile data and successfully carries out projects in many countries.

In order to make mobile phone data easily accessible and usable for customer purposes, Motionlogic relies on the use of interactive dashboards. The dashboards enable individual evaluations, presentations and downloads of complex data. As part of a further development, Motionlogic relies on Tableau.

I advise Motionlogic in the context of this project on the design of dashboards with tableau. in doing so, i take into account the existing data infrastructure and support the establishment of an efficient way of data integration. during the practical implementation with project-related mobile phone data, i create interactive maps, statistics, filters and parameters to adapt the dashboards to customer requirements. during the creation process, i iterate closely with the client on the expected image and performance of the dashboard.

For a Motionlogic client, I designed and delivered a training course on dashboard usage that enables several users to use the dashboards created with Tableau for their own analysis.

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April – December 2019


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