Lindau Logistics Concept (LiLo)

Project description

On the one hand, the city of Lindau (Lake Constance, >25,000 inhabitants:inside) has a diverse commercial structure with efficient connections to supra-regional and international traffic routes. On the other hand, Lindau is characterised by its historic old town on the island of Lindau and its small-scale trade and services. The access to the island and the limited, narrow road network make supply and disposal more difficult for local businesses and pose increasing challenges for residents, the environment and infrastructure.

In order to solve the traffic problem and against the background of the complex topic area of city logistics, which is associated with many conflicts of objectives and interests, a "Lindauer Logistikkonzept (LiLo)" is to be developed together with important private and public actors. The LiLo is to focus on measures to reduce or shift logistics-related traffic as well as to reduce traffic-related greenhouse gases and to establish climate-friendly and compatible delivery traffic.

For the creation of the LiLo the company LNC LogisticNetwork Consultants GmbH from Hanover commissioned by the city of Lindau.

In the follow-up order for LNC I support the creation of the concept in parts. Within the project I work in close coordination and division of labour with the client:

  • Creation of a questionnaire for the participation of the relevant actors,
  • Data analysis and result visualization as a basis for the determination of microdepot locations.
(Note: The project descriptions modified by me and presented here have been created jointly by the respective project participants)

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August 2020 – October 2021





Logistics concept

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