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In many German cities, New Mobility Service (NMS) providers can be found who offer their vehicles for sharing as part of the Mobility as a Service (MaaS) economy, including Carsharer, Bikesharer and now also e-scooter sharers such as Jump, SHARE NOW, Mobike and Lime.

The Agora Verkehrswende is devoting a new position paper to the municipal handling of these shared vehicles, which follows on from the publication "Bikesharing in Change - Recommendations for German Cities and Municipalities on Dealing with Stationless Systems".

In the context of this new paper there will be a passage dealing with the municipal requirements for data of New Mobility Service (NMS) providers. What data do municipalities need and in what form and frequency do they have to be provided? To answer these questions I will create a collection of ideas based on literature research and expert interviews (telephone interviews).

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June – July 2019


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