Combined transport in the Baltic Sea region – source research, data preparation and visualisation of goods flows

Project description

SGKV – Studiengesellschaft für den Kombinierten Verkehr e.V. is a project partner in the Interreg project COMBINE. The results of the project should enable a better understanding of combined transport (CT) in general and in the Baltic Sea region in particular. Within the framework of a data-based work package, the focus is on a goods flow analysis. The analysis should provide specific information on CT flows (volumes), goods (groups of goods) and their structure (mainly used transport modes). It serves as a starting point to describe the design of CT transport chains and to identify potentials and untapped markets.

In order to be able to carry out the analysis of commodity flows, different sources come into question. this is mainly due to the multinational composition of the project area in COMBINE or the Baltic Sea region. while there are supra- and international organisations and statistics available, additional data are available at national level. harmonising the different sources and combining them to form an overall picture is one of the challenges of commodity flow analyses.

Within the scope of a subcontract, I research and analyse various sources for the SGKV and assess whether and to what extent they are suitable for a goods flow analysis. According to the research and assessment, I collect and prepare the most suitable data so that it is available for further project steps of COMBINE. Finally, I visualise the goods movements in a dashboard using a tableau.

The project language is English.


In a follow-up order, the SGKV wanted to integrate further data into the dashboard. The data from the 2030 traffic forecast will be processed by Fraunhofer IML. The dashboard, which will then be expanded, will provide interested parties with access to and evaluations of the previously used data (Eurostat) and the additional data. I designed and implemented the extension of the dashboard. It will be available on the COMBINE project homepage (see below).

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