Combined transport – Visualization of goods flows using Tableau

Project description

The International Union for Combined Road-Rail Transport (UIRR) in Brussels is a project partner in the Interreg project COMBINE. The results of the project are intended to provide a better understanding of combined transport (CT) in general and in the Baltic Sea region in particular. Within the framework of a data-based work package, the focus is on a goods flow analysis. The analysis is intended to provide specific information on CT flows (volumes), goods (groups of goods) and their structure (mainly modes of transport used). It serves as a starting point to describe the design of CT transport chains and to identify potentials and untapped markets.

In order to be able to carry out the analysis of commodity flows, different sources are possible, mainly due to the multinational composition of the project area in COMBINE and the Baltic Sea region. The UIRR and also the UIC (the worldwide railway organisation Union Internationale des Chemins de fer (UIC)) collect data from its members and other sources in order to analyse and promote combined transport.

Within the framework of a subcontract, I visualise for the UIRR the movements of goods which the UIRR and UIC have stored in their databases, in an interactive dashboard, using Tabelau.

The project language is English.

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January – February 2020


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