Structural data collection for the forecast traffic model of the city of Augsburg

Project description

The city of Augsburg has a multimodal transport model (VMA), which can be used to process scenario calculations, project planning and individual enquiries about noise protection planning, among other things. The VMA is based on structural data as of 2018.

The city of Augsburg is now planning to use a forecast traffic model. In a first step, this requires structural data as input variables. The prepared data for the forecast should represent the year 2038 as the target horizon. Together with VMZ, I create the forecast structural data for the civil engineering office of the city of Augsburg. We create a well-founded and high-quality database in five thematic fields. The subject areas are broad, complex in terms of content and require a large knowledge base in order to be able to describe them adequately. They range from inhabitants and employees to social and leisure infrastructures. For the structural database, we use official data, statistics from public agencies and other sources. An important part of the data acquisition is the enquiry with numerous municipalities, districts and actors within the project area.

Within the framework of the project, I work on several of the above-mentioned topics and am mainly responsible for data development and updating in individual work files.

(Note: The project descriptions modified by me and presented here have been created jointly by the respective project participants).

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Traffic in Augsburg

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March 2021 – October 2021



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