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as an integrated concept, the BerlinStrategy | Urban Development Concept Berlin 2030 takes up existing Berlin plans and programmes and, on this basis, develops a model for the development of the city as a whole. the BerlinStrategy serves as a signpost for the growing Berlin, a basis for the city's sustainable development. the concept identifies trend-setting strategies, goals and fields of action and locates them in transformation areas. it thus forms the basis for medium- to long-term, interdepartmental planning control. the BerlinStrategy provides coordinated and uniform positions to profile the city as a competitive and attractive business location and a city worth living in in competition with other German and European metropolises.

In 2016 an update - BerlinStrategy 2.0 - was drawn up to respond to the special urban development policy requirements arising from the unexpectedly high influx of refugees in 2015 and 2016.

The Berlin City Forum It has been continued since then and serves as a public discussion and exchange platform for topics relevant to urban development two to three times a year.

For the BerlinStrategie I took over parts of the project management and the participation procedures, and I also contributed information and content for the integrated urban development concept.

(Note: The project descriptions modified by me and presented here have been created jointly by the respective project participants)

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