Guideline for delivery and loading areas in Berlin


Leitfaden für Liefer- und Ladeverkehrsflächen in Berlin Projektbeschreibung Damit der Wirtschaftsverkehr auf der Straße seinen unverzichtbaren Beitrag zum Funktionieren der Stadt erbringen kann, das Liefern und Laden aber zugleich flächeneffizient, rasch und sicher erfolgt, sind angemessene Flächen notwendig. Derzeit reicht das Angebot entsprechender Flächen für den Liefer- [...]

Large and heavy haulage in Berlin


Large and heavy goods transport in Berlin - basic development for a target network Project description Large and heavy goods transport (GST) is an indispensable part of urban developments and functioning economies. For many companies, GST are an integral part of corporate value creation. The goods that require GST are mostly transported by road. The goods supply e.g. [...]

Micro-Depots Berlin


Study on the potentials and effects of micro-depots in the Land of Berlin Project description The study Potentials and Effects of Micro-Depots in the Land of Berlin creates a sound basis for strategically sensible action by the Land of Berlin with regard to micro-depots as consolidation points close to the city centre. Micro-depots open up the possibility of [...]

Logistics concept Lindau


Lindauer Logistikkonzept (LiLo) Project description On the one hand, the city of Lindau (Lake Constance, >25,000 inhabitants:inside) has a diverse commercial structure with efficient connections to supra-regional and international traffic routes. On the other hand, Lindau is characterised by its historic old town on the island of Lindau and its small-scale trade and services. The access to the island [...]

Goods flow visualization


Combined transport - visualisation of goods flows by means of a tableau Project description The International Union for Combined Road-Rail Transport (UIRR) in Brussels is a project partner in the Interreg project COMBINE. The results of the project should enable a better understanding of combined transport in general and in the Baltic Sea region in particular.

IWVK Study


project description Commercial traffic is a decisive factor for the supply of the population and guests of a city/municipality. it secures the competitiveness of industrial and commercial locations. commercial traffic is the basis, part and result of industrial production, goods transport, trade, further services and thus the networking of companies on the basis of [...].

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