Project description

the electric mobility fleet test examined the potential uses of plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) using the example of the VW Twin Drive. the joint project partners examined the framework conditions for electric mobility in more detail in the planned project. the research work was carried out at two different levels: while at the macro level the overall potential uses for the transport segment „electric mobility“ were the focus of interest, at the micro level the focus was on the individual users with their very individual prerequisites and preferences as well as the concrete everyday experiences made in the context of the fleet test. in addition to telephone interviews, logbooks and the analysis of automatically generated vehicle data were also used.

The focus of the sub-project Utilization potential was on

  • Application analysis for plug-in hybrid vehicles: vehicle and battery concepts from the user's perspective, detailed analysis of individual vehicle usage, recommendations for the design of the interface „vehicle – energy supply“
  • Usage analysis of fleet test: recording and analysis of the actual mobility behaviour of the test participants during the test as well as individual attitudes and preferences before/after the test
  • Development of recommendations for accompanying measures for the market launch of plug-in hybrid vehicles

During the fleet test I accompanied the questionnaire survey and applied various methods of empirical data collection and transformed the resulting data into information and knowledge.

(Note: The project descriptions modified by me and presented here have been created jointly by the respective project participants)

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2010 – 2012


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